About Us

General Haulage Since 1872

Established in the year 1872, Geo T Brown has been catering to general haulage needs across the UK for over 140 years. We are family-run and believe in personalised solutions that meet unique customer demands.

As specialist service providers, we have made significant capital investments in delivering bespoke and cost-effective haulage solutions that are most sustainable. This is our 5th generation in the business and we have etched a strong rapport with many big companies including many in the brewery and agricultural sectors.

At Geo T Brown, quick and safe transportation of goods is paramount and customer satisfaction is a priority.

Our History

Back in the year 1872, farmer Alfred Brown of Silver Street Farm, Steeple Ashton, was asked by his cousin to bring back some goods from Trowbridge market in his cart.

This he did, and soon enough other people started demanding their goods be transported as well to Trowbridge and back to save them the journey.

This very demand fuelled a full-time business, giving Alfred the opportunity to set up his own haulage venture – a step towards the birth of Geo T Brown. The business soon flourished, meeting people’s demands and offering all the convenience of a road haulage business.

Alfred Brown’s trade was later continued by his son, George T Brown. In the year 1919, the company purchased its first 6 lorries, replacing its horses and carts. Alongside this a coal and coke merchanting business was started along with the purchase of his cousins hay and straw business, George died in 1947 and the business was continued by his son Ron Brown who developed the hay and straw transport businesses but sold the coal side. During the 50s and 60s the firm grew and in 1967 Ron’s sons Tim joined the business. Ron died in 1976 and since then Tim has been running the business, in 1996 Tim’s son Tom joined the firm and has worked in all areas of the business, including 13 years behind the wheel, he has since entered the office to assist his father with the running of the firm and so it continues with his son Archie getting ready to follow on as the 6th generation. In the last 144 years the fleet and the work has changed dramatically, Alfred brown used only horses to transport Milk and general goods, George used petrol lorries for much the same work, Ron saw diesel trucks for hauling beer and animal feed and now Tim and Tom have seen much bigger 44 ton artics hauling beer, tyres, steelwork and cement and much more , who knows what the future holds for young Archie, but at least he will have a firm history and heritage to build on.

We now look forward to the next 140 years trading and would like you to be part of it, please get in touch to know more.